Teaching and Learning Networks

Teaching and Learning Networks. 

ERW employ a Leader of Learning in each network to support school to improve teaching and learning, develop the implementation of Successful Futures and support the roll out of the new teacher standards.

This initiative will build the capacity of teaching and learning across the region so that all teachers are better prepared for Successful Futures. This initiative will enable ERW to further develop the Self-improving system. 

Leaders of Learning will:

  • support the developments of Successful Futures and the new teacher standards
  • deliver areas of the menu of support as brokered by Challenge Advisers
  • identify and provide effective support which build capacity and develops the self-improving system
  • model lessons
  • develop and provide rich resources which develop pupils understanding of PISA style and new GCSE questions
  • assist in the development of departmental / regional Scheme of Work
  • develop joint planning and delivery of lessons
  • provide training sessions.
  • support the development of Leadership to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

ERW will:

  • provide regular and high quality training and support for all Leaders of Learning
  • manage the team of Leaders of Learning effectively to ensure high quality support is provided to all schools.
  • monitor the impact of the work of Leaders of Learning to ensure capacity is being built across all schools and pupil outcomes improve.
  • provide change management training for all Leaders of Learning to support school in preparation for the new curriculum.
  • ensure all leaders of learning are effectively upskilled in developing literacy, numeracy and digital competence.

The development and implementation of Successful Futures

The Leaders of Learning in each cluster will be key to the delivery of Successful Futures across ERW. These practitioners will be responsible for developing teaching and learning to prepare schools for the implementation and to develop curricular knowledge across all schools. 

In addition to this all Leaders of Learning will receive change management training in order to be effective in supporting all schools to implement and manage the change.


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