Teacher Assessment

The ERW Assessment team consists of the six Assessment Leads for each Local Authority. We are committed to working collaboratively, purposefully and effectively towards achieving a more accurate and reliable teacher assessment. Whilst acknowledging the good practice in assessment, standardisation and moderation that exists in many of our schools and clusters, we aim to ensure that there is greater consistency across the region.

Our aim is to embed an effective process for the moderation of teacher assessment that will lead to more accurate and reliable teacher assessment. Ensuring greater consistency in making best-fit judgements when awarding end of key stage levels and greater consistency in the way in which schools and clusters standardise and moderate teacher assessments have been our main objectives. 

Following a consultation by Welsh Government in 2014/15, it is now statutory for all schools, with the exception of Special Schools to participate in cluster moderation. Below is the Welsh Statutory Instrument relating to cluster moderation. (Link here to the Statutory Documents)

Useful documents to support with cluster modration have been produced collaboratively across all four regions.

Assessment Guidance Final

Moderating Teacher Assessment Subject Guidance


ERW will ask all clusters to e-mail the dates of their moderation meetings to their LA Assessment Lead by January 26th, 2017. The ERW Assessment Calendar for 2017-2018 will be finalised in September 2017.


Subject Stickers

Cymraeg (hyperlink to the document)

English  (hyperlink to the document)

Mathematics (hyperlink to the document)

Science (hyperlink to the document)

Pupil Commentary Sheets

The ERW pupil commentary sheets are currently being updated and will be available at the beginning of the autumn term, 2017


Thematic Report: Moderation of teacher assessment at key stage 2 and key stage 3: a review of accuracy and consistency, September 2016


Welsh Government's response to Estyn thematic review on moderation of teacher assessment at Key Stages 2 and 3 

Assessment - Welsh Government Exemplification Materials for Schools

Welsh Government officials have confirmed that the Exemplification Materials produced as part of the Securing Teacher Assessment Programme (STAP) will be published on the Welsh Government website on September the 1st, 2017. Further details will be circulated at the beginning of the autumn term 2017.