Cymraeg Campus Language Charter

Aim: To increase the use of Welsh in English medium schools.

The Cymraeg Campus Language Charter has been created by ERW Welsh in Education officers and is the first charter specifically created to develop Welsh in English medium schools. Cymraeg Campus has been piloted in 25 schools across our consortium with significant impact. The charter consists of three awards - bronze, silver and gold. Schools attempt to complete these awards over a three year period - one yeach year. Each award comprises of ten targets and these targets become more challenging as you progress from efydd - to arian - to aur. Please download the handbook and contact your county Welsh in education officer for more information.

“It's been a privilege to be part of St. Francis' Cyngor Cymraeg as we worked toward the bronze award of Cymraeg Campus. Being part of the Cyngor Cymraeg during this process has given me an opportunity to improve my Welsh even further. My favourite part was being given the responsibility of sharing my expertise and experiences with the rest of our school and school community. There was a positive attitude towards Welsh in our school before we started the charter however there is now an even better Welsh ethos in our school and I'm proud to say that I was part of this.”

Gabriella Procter, Y6 member of the Criw Cymraeg at St.Francis Catholic School, Pembrokeshire


“The Cymraeg Campus Language Charter has clearly had a significant and rapid impact upon our school in a very short time, led by a very effective middle manager and Welsh Team. We are all clear of the next steps and everybody is on board. It certainly has made us think about our ethos and I believe it has made things very simplistic and achievable with a clear focus.”

Debbie Davies, Headteacher of Prendergast School Pembrokeshire

Photo: Penllergaer Primary School choir singing “Mae siarad Cymraeg yn bril, mae siarad dwy iaith yn sgil!” at the launch of Cymraeg Campus at ERW’s festival of excellence.

Photo: Pupils from the Cyngor Cymraeg at St.Francis Catholic Primary School celebrating achieving the Cymraeg Campus silver award. They’re very proud of their achievement!

Starting Cymraeg Campus

If you're ready to start on the journey, please contact your county Welsh in Education officer who will be able to provide you with more information and training opportunities. 

 To set a baseline and evaluate success, every pupil from year 3 to 6 complete are asked to complete an online questionnaire at the beginning and end of each award. Please note it's vital that the school code is entered correctly. When all pupils have completed the questionnaire please contact your Welsh in Education officer who will send you your results.


              Gold                                       Silver                                         Bronze