Digital Learning

The Digital Learning team at ERW fully support the use of digital technology to enable the development of the digital competence of both pupils and staff, across all schools in the region. The development of digital skills in line with the current curriculum, and the new Digital Competence Framework, is essential to enable pupils to take full advantage of the opportunities that come their way and for them to succeed in school and beyond. 

ERW schools are encouraged to engage with the new Digital Comptence Framework and for staff to familiarise themselves with its content. We support schools in this by providing information and resources, both in person and virtually via the ERW website and the Hwb environment. This will help all teachers, and other staff, in their responsibility to support the development of pupils’ digital competence, and provide them with the skills and knowledge to do so. 

We support and challenge school staff in the use of digital technology to enhance the teaching and learning environment. Tools such as JIT, J2E and Office365, through the Hwb platform, provided to all schools by the Welsh Government, are used to facilitate this. Examples of their use are modelled and shared with Headteachers and other school staff. 

To ensure that schools provide the safest possible online environment in which pupils and staff members can work, communicate and collaborate, we encourage schools to engage with the 360 Safe Cymru Framework and use the Hwb platform. ERW are building a team of 360 Safe Cymru Consultants and Assessors and a network of Online Safety Lead Schools, to ensure that the level of support and challenge in this area, is as robust as possible.