There are approximately 1000 pupils with ‘looked after’ status in ERW schools. ERW  is committed to improving the achievement and attainment of this exceptionally vulnerable group of learners through the delivery of a strategic plan funded by the LAC element of the Pupil Development Grant (LAC/PDG). The Support for Learners Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of the strategy which has 4 strands.

A universal training programme on ‘Attachment and Trauma Informed Practice’ has been in place since September 2015 as ERW recognises that the difficulties that many of these children face in schools often stem from their early traumatic experiences and that very often these children will not have had the opportunity to develop a secure attachment to their main caregiver. A case study on this training has been written by the training providers and can be read on their website For information on training opportunities contact Sara Walters The second strand is on improving systems and process that support school and placement moves. Providing enrichment experiences is the third strand of work as ERW recognises that ambition and aspiration often grows beyond the classroom. Training in focussed relationship-based interventions is the final strand being developed as many children need more intensive interventions than the universal training model can provide.

Every school is required to have a named Designated Teacher and Governor for LAC and LACE Coordinators are able to provide details about training in these areas at a local level.