ERW is committed to delivering a fair and fully inclusive education system ensuring that all schools are equipped to support all learners in a manner which minimises obstacles and maximises the opportunities for reaching their full potential.

The Heads of Inclusion from across the region meet half termly and have a workstream in the Support for Learning section of the ERW Business Plan.. The Additional Learning Needs Educational Tribunal (ALNET) Bill was introduced to the  National Assembly for Wales in December 2016. If passed there will be a  complete overhaul to the system for supporting pupils with ALN. It will place the learner at the heart of the planning process and will make the system far simpler and less adversarial for all involved. The ALN Working Group also  has responsibility for completing projects funded by the ALN Innovation Fund  to prepare for these  changes across Wales

ERW recognises that the highest performing education systems are those that combine ‘equity with quality’ (OECD) and that an inclusive education system benefits all learners. ERW will continue to develop the workforce so that schools can receive the necessary levels of support and challenge around inclusive practice.