School improvement

ERW strives to deliver a consistent school improvement service, focused on challenge and support strategies that improve teaching and learning in classrooms and lead to improved pupil attainment and progress in all schools. Our aim is to build school capacity through support, challenge and intervention so that schools become self-improving, resilient organisations. We strive to provide high quality differentiated support to schools in line with the national categorisation system. We facilitate school led support and intervention programmes at a peer to peer, department to department and school to school level according to the area of need that has been identified within the school.

The brokerage and improvement support is differentiated in relation to a school’s capacity to improve and commission/broker its own improvement support. Where a school is assessed as performing well or having the capacity to secure its own improvement it will be free to use its budgets to draw down and use the services as appropriate to its circumstances and improvement needs. Where, however, a school has low attainment and poor pupil progress – and/or lacks the capacity to secure improvement in general or in a specific area – the consortium will arrange the necessary improvement support on behalf of the school in consultation with the headteacher and governing body. To support this process, we Identify schools within the region that are self-sustaining and resilient, and utilise resources to commission those schools to deliver school to school support without causing a decline in the standards in their own schools.

Centrally, we provide effective professional development for challenge advisers to allow them to have the right skills and knowledge to do their job effectively. To enhance support to schools ERW will employ a Leader of Learning in each network to support the implementation of a regional initiative to improve teaching and learning, develop the implementation of Successful Futures and support the roll out of the new teacher standards.

ERW also employs recent and successful school practitioners as Leaders of Learning to support GCSE delivery and the implementation of a regional initiative to improve teaching and learning within clusters. Leaders of Learning work closely with teachers in their classrooms with a clear focus on improving teaching and pedagogy in order to raise pupils’ attainment.