DOLEN is an ‘ever-growing’ resource to support collaboration between schools in line with the principles of ‘by schools, for schools’. It is an area containing practice worthy of sharing accessible through Hwb for school staff across the region.

The intention is that DOLEN will support professional learning at all levels and stimulate active dialogue. As such, it is a key vehicle to promote school to school collaboration at whole school level and potentially, as it develops, at individual teacher level.

At launch, DOLEN has been populated with material from a range of sources, including Challenge Advisers, ESTYN, Pioneer Schools and ERW Professional Learning Schools.

There is a substantial potential for growth as schools engage in the population of DOLEN with practice worthy of sharing.

To stimulate this engagement we are particularly looking for practice related to the key impactors on progress as found in the EEF Sutton Toolkit – look out for the tiles that have a question mark image.

If you have good practice in one of these areas and are interested in submitting an entry for DOLEN then the Headteacher (or Senior Manager) will need to contact your Challenge Adviser or Mark Ford at ERW.