Leadership Development Opportunities

Professional Learning School Leadership. 

"School leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on pupil learning.”


All classroom practitioners are leaders either by leading learners or by leading their colleagues in schools. As such, we endeavour to support all practitioners to develop and improve as leaders and enable them to develop and improve their colleagues also.

ERW aim to deliver a series of practice-based development programmes for all school practitioners at every stage of the leadership development pathway.

In collaboration with other key stakeholders including the other regions, ERW have planned and prepared a comprehensive cross-sector Leadership Programme for practitioners at each stage of the Professional Development Pathway. It is the role of every professional to take responsibility for their own professional learning and we encourage all practitioners to take advantage of these professional development opportunities.


Professional Learning Pathway (School Leadership)


The Regional Consortia Leadership Group are currently developing a suite of Leadership development programmes for school leaders across Wales. Over time these programmes will be offered for endorsement by the National Academy for Educational Leadership and will then be introduced and delivered by all Regional Consortia starting in September 2018. These programmes will also offer opportunity for accreditation through HEI. This will provide All Wales Leadership development programmes delivered locally.


Current Leadership Programmes.

Professional Learning opportunities.


  • It is the role of every professional to take responsibility for their own professional learning.
  • All Professional Learning activities are focused on developing people at particular stages on the Professional Learning Pathway. The Professional Learning Activity will provide practitioners with knowledge, skills and opportunity appropriate to that stage.
  • All Professional Learning opportunities will focus on the Principles of Professional Learning and the Professional Learning Model. (Reflective Practice; Effective Collaboration; Coaching and Mentoring; Using Data and Evidence Research.)
  • Following the Professional Learning Model, professionals are required to engage in collaboration, coaching and mentoring. It is important that practitioners seek opportunity to develop these skills within and beyond their own settings wherever possible.
  • There is expectation that development in these programmes will wherever possible be supported by opportunity to support colleagues at other milestones on the pathway.
  • In addition to these;
  • All professional Learning will develop participants understanding about;
    • New Professional Standards.
    • Education in Wales: Our National Mission.
    • Schools as Learning Organisations.
    • Successful Futures.


School Year 2018-19.

During the year 2018-19 professional learning opportunities will be made available at every stage of the Professional Learning Pathway.

New national programmes for School Leaders will be delivered across Wales.

  • Regional Consortia Programme for New and Acting Headteachers. (2 Years)
  • Regional Consortia Programme for Experienced Headteachers. (2 Years)
  • Regional Consortia Programme for Executive Headteachers. (TBC)Development Opportunities for Individuals at more experienced stages of the pathway include;                                                                                                                                              
  • NQT Mentor or External Verifier roles.
  • HLTA Assessor Programme.
  • Trainer for development programmes.
  • Leadership Coach.


All programmes will provide invaluable opportunities to network and collaborate with professionals from across the region.

Dates and details for booking these opportunities will be available on the summary table at the bottom of this page from July 2018.

Middle Leaders

The ERW New and Aspiring Middle Leaders Program is aimed at colleagues in the primary, secondary or special school sectors and has been designed to offer practical advice about the role of a middle leaders.

This program is an integral part of the work of ERW in delivering the regional offer for professional learning in partnership with University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Delegates who enroll and participate in the ERW new and aspiring Middle leaders course can gain credits towards a Graduate Certificate of Professional Learning: Leadership.     http://www.erw.wales/schools/leading-learning/middle-leaders

Senior Leader 

Middle leaders who want to further develop coaching, mentoring and leadership skills.

ERW aim to continue to offer school based secondment opportunities for effective middle leaders to work at a senior level predominantly at their own school.  This opportunity will provide aspiring senior leaders with an opportunity to lead on identified school improvement priorities and experience working within the Senior Management Team developing their skills and competencies to become an effective senior leader.

Aspiring Headteacher

ERW will offer a training programme for School Leaders who are Aspiring to become Headteachers. This programme is available for Primary or Secondary phase groups and is available at the request of individual Local Authorities.


Practitioners who believe that they meet the National leadership Standards and for whom headship is a realistic next step and one that they are actively seeking will be eligible to apply for assessment through the NPQH programme. Welsh Government have offered a tender process for providers to apply to run the NPQH process in Wales. The outcome of this process has not yet been announced. As soon as the information is available this section will be updated.

Newly Apointed Headteacher

The Regional Consortia have agreed to offer a national programme for Newly appointed & Acting Headteachers starting in the autumn term of 2018.

This programme will be available to all new and acting headteachers across Wales. It will be delivered by regional consortia in close collaboration with Local Authorities and a range of delivery partners.

This programme will offer accreditation options in partnership with higher education institutions.


The programme will cover;

  • Effective handover arrangements
  • Self review against the professional standards for teaching and leadership
  • Management and Practicalities
  • Developing a shared and inclusive vision for the school.
  • Developing your school as a learning organisation.
  • Measuring and evaluating impact
  • Reflection and problem solving.

Aspects of this programme may also be appropriate for Headteachers who are new to an LA, consortium or Wales.

Experienced Headteacher

The programme aims to promote excellence in leadership through self-evaluation and reflection, exploring the relationships between leadership, successful schools and the wider community of practice in a model that includes development through coaching and mentoring.

The Regional Consortia have agreed to offer a national programme for Experienced Headteachers starting in the Autumn of 2018.

Participants will explore and develop their skills in relation to:

  • Their roles as strategic leaders of pedagogy in their schools
  • The leadership of change and transformation
  • Engagement and empowerment of their staff, teams and wider stakeholders
  • Problem solving, continuous professional learning and innovation
  • Collaboration for success
  • Leading and sharing accountability

Developing high level skills of personal and professional leadership

Executive Headteacher

The Regional Consortia have agreed to offer a national programme for Executive Headteachers starting in the Spring of 2019.

The role of Executive Headteacher includes Headteachers of more than one school or schools on more than one site and through phase schools including 3-18 schools

Participants will explore and develop their skills in relation to:

  • The unique challenges of the role of the Executive Headteacher:
  • Working with multiple schools.
  • School federation arrangements.
  • Building distributive leadership and accountability across multiple schools
  • Building and sustaining wellbeing and motivation. 

Milestone / Stage of Professional Learning.

Professional Learning Opportunity

Professional Learning Offer

Date and Venue

Link to Booking

Middle Leader

The ERW New and Aspiring Middle Leaders Programme.

October 2018 – January 2019


Senior Leader

The Middle Leader secondment Programme

To be confirmed July 2018


Aspiring Headteacher

. The ERW Aspiring Headteacher Programme.

Secondary / Primary.

The ERW Aspiring Headteacher Programme.

Secondary / Primary.





Any information regarding NPQH arrangements for 2018-19 will be published here as soon as it is available from WG


Newly Appointed Headteacher

Regional Consortia Programme for New and Acting Headteachers.

To be confirmed July 2018


Experienced Headteacher

Regional Consortia Programme for Experienced Headteachers.

To be confirmed July 2018


Executive Headteacher

Regional Consortia Programme for Executive Headteachers.

To be confirmed July 2018