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Welsh Government, OECD and ERW visit Craigfelen School

Craigfelen Primary School has been selected to be part of the OECD-Wales Schools as Learning Organisations Study that is carried out by the Welsh Government in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The study aims to understand the extent to which Welsh schools have adopted characteristics of learning organisations and identify areas for further development. 

Wales has set out to develop all schools into learning organisations. This is because schools that are learning organisations have the capacity to adapt to changes and try out new approaches so that they can improve learning and outcomes for all their pupils. Developing Welsh schools into learning organisations is important to Wales to support the ongoing development and implementation of the new curriculum. The purpose of the visits was to explain the school’s self-assessment which demonstrates good/excellent practices.

Schools can be excellent and/or innovative in many different ways. Schools can for example have an innovative educational offer aimed at using technology or have a distinctive approach to supporting pupils with additional learning needs.

Three “profiles” are intended to help capture some of these excellent and/or innovative practices that are happening in Welsh schools. There are:

  • Profile 1: The Welsh school as learning organisation
  • Profile 2: Excellence and innovation in your curriculum/educational offer
  • Profile 3: Excellence and innovation in your educational approach & pedagogies

The school demonstrated how it has a shared and inclusive vision that aims to enhance all pupils’ cognitive and social-emotional outcomes, including their wellbeing. The school explained how learning and teaching are oriented towards realising the vision which is the outcome of a process involving all staff and pupils, parents, the community and other partners. The school provided evidence of the impact of collaborative working and learning among all staff and how we have established a culture of enquiry, exploration and innovation.

Following the visit and submission of our self-assessment, the school has received confirmation that it will feature in the OECD study report that is scheduled to be launched in early 2018.