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Video content on-demand

Video content on-demand

It is widely acknowledged that having a teacher ‘present’ in a learner’s life during this forthcoming period, will have a positive impact on their well-being. However, very careful consideration needs to be given to the way that this is facilitated.

Distance learning can involve a combination of synchronous (live learning in which students learn with the teacher at the same time) and asynchronous (students learning independently at different times) approaches. However, concentrating on asynchronous delivery is recommended at this time, to facilitate teacher guided learning.

Some teachers might be considering streaming video content directly to learners. However, the streaming of content from a teacher’s home to the homes of their learners, has the potential to raise a number of safeguarding concerns. Live-streaming also has the potential to have a negative impact on well-being, for example:

· In many households there will a high demand placed on a limited number of devices available. Many parents are currently working from home, therefore asking learners to engage with a live video stream, at a specific time of day, would place unreasonable demands on the devices available

· In many households, the most effective learning will take place when parents or guardians are able to sit with the learners. Asking parents to be available at a specific time, might also be impractical

· Teachers may also be unable to provide a live-stream at a specific time for a number of reasons and again, the pressure to do so, would have a negative impact on the teacher’s well-being Teachers can create experiences for students to work at their own pace and take time to absorb content.

This will enable learners, parents and guardians to access this content at a time which fits that particular household’s new routine. It will also enable teachers to manage their time more effectively.

It is therefore strongly recommended that live video streaming is not used and that any video content is made available on-demand. There are a number of tools available in Hwb where this approach can be facilitated, including, J2E, Flipgrid, etc

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