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Using Positive Psychology to Improve Well-being

A substantial and increasing proportion of children and young people have significant mental health problems and many of those who are not clinically depressed or clinically anxious are nevertheless struggling, unhappy and distressed. Such emotional disturbances in childhood often disrupt learning and academic achievement and often have adverse lifetime consequences for mental health.   

The well-being of pupils is now recognised as a major issue, and schools are increasingly seen as having a crucial role to play in enhancing wellbeing and in helping to prevent, recognise and address the mental health problems of their pupils. In Wales, the critical role of schools in this area, and the potential for greater involvement, has been emphasised in a number of Welsh Government documents and plays a  prominent  part in Curriculum for Wales.  

It is generally acknowledged that there is a growing need for teachers and other school staff to develop a greater understanding of well-being issues (pupils’, colleagues’ and their own) and that opportunities for professional development in this area can help them both to deliver relevant curriculum content and to enhance pastoral aspects of their role. 

This intensive one-day workshop for teachers will draw on the science of Positive Psychology to focus on ways of promoting wellbeing within the school context. It will explore practical ways in which both children’s wellbeing and also teachers’ wellbeing can be significantly enhanced. Increased teacher wellbeing can improve the general climate within the school and the powerful contagious effects of positive wellbeing mean that children benefit substantially when their teachers thrive.  

The workshop will include a number of lively mini-lectures as well as a wide range of practical activities, many of which are also suitable for classroom use. Pdf copies of all lecture and activity materials will be provided. The programme for the day is designed to be maximally engaging, and it is therefore expected that those who attend will find the workshop to be a positive, stimulating and uplifting experience. 

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Welshpool High School


Hook Primary


Burry Port Community School