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Using positive psychology in our educational settings

Using positive psychology in our educational settings

Traditional psychology is focussed on what goes wrong and how to rectify it. Positive psychology focuses on what goes right and how we can embed and deepen it.

Since the start of the pandemic we have, collectively, all had to deal with high levels of loss, uncertainty and change. There is a growing body of research which evidences the negative impact that this is having on mental health and wellbeing.

As humans we are better at storing and remembering bad experiences than we are at storing and remembering good experiences. Neuroscientific evidence has shown that negative stimuli trigger more neural processing in the brain than positive or neutral stimuli. This is called negativity bias and it is very likely a result of evolution. Early in human history those who were more attentive to danger would survive so we are hardwired to notice danger / negatives. So, as humans we need to work hard to actively and consciously look for the positives around us and this has never been more relevant than now as we enter the 11th month of Covid 19.

Gwylan have produced a series of ‘Wellbeing Matters’ videos for ERW which serve as an introduction into elements of positive psychology. Each of the 6 videos is accompanied with some suggested classroom activities and are available on a playlist which has other materials relating to positive psychology including webinars recorded for ERW by positive psychologist Professor Neil Frude.

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