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The what, why and how of embedding EMPATHY as part of a whole school approach to well-being

Empathy features in a number of pieces of current key educational guidance in Wales. The recently published statutory guidance : Framework on embedding a whole-school approach to emotional and mental well-being’ states ‘ …what matters to learners is that teachers listen, are encouraging and positive, take an interest in them as people and empathise with their difficulties’. The guidance for Curriculum for Wales states the ‘the aim of a school’s curriculum is to support its’ learners to become…. healthy, confident individuals who…..are building their mental and emotional well-being by developing confidence, resilience and empathy’.


This 60 minute session will begin with the what by making the important distinction between empathy and sympathy. It will then turn to the why and examine the rationale for empathy being included in the above pieces of guidance by outlining the key benefits of empathy as identified by experts in the field. Finally, the focus will turn to how empathy can be taught and embedded in the school ethos and woven through curriculum.

The sessions are aimed at members of leadership teams and classroom practitioners. They will be delivered in English with facilitation through the medium of Welsh to enable attendees to engage through their preferred language. There will be accompanying bilingual resources.

Please register by clicking the link below and selecting the session you would like to attend.