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Statement from Lead Chief Executive to Schools

Dear Chair of Governors and Head teacher,
You may be aware of the discussions that have been taking place in relation to the potential
options for changing the way we deliver school improvement services across the region.

Despite a number of successes in addressing and supporting leadership, provision and
standards in schools, there is a majority view among the six partner councils that the current
ERW structure should now be revised.

We have worked together to the best of our ability, but we need a different approach where
we can better align our school improvement and education work with economic opportunities
and the ambitions of our young citizens.

We will be recommending to the ERW Joint Committee next week that this new approach is

All six councils will continue to discuss how to best deliver school improvement in the future,
including options for alternative regional collaboration models. This will result in a transitional
period to ensure all schools in the six local authorities continue to receive the support and
provision they need.

Discussions are already under way to achieve the most effective model and geographical
design for future collaboration.

I know this will be a time of uncertainty for you as school leaders but I am determined that it
will be business as usual for your schools during the transition period.

I am confident this change will be an opportunity to provide even better services and make
an even bigger difference for schools and learners, including more bespoke services to the
needs of each authority.

I will continue to keep you updated, In the meantime, please be assured that I will be
prioritising the needs of our pupils, staff and school communities during the transition period.

Phil Roberts,
ERW Lead Chief Executive.