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School Leadership Opportunities.

Apply to be an ERW Briefer, Mentor, Coach or Assessor.

‘All classroom practitioners are leaders either by leading learners or by leading their colleagues in schools. As such, we endeavour to support all practitioners to develop and improve as leaders and enable them to develop and improve their colleagues also.’

As part of the ERW Leadership Programme for practitioners ERW are seeking to develop a team of HLTA, Teachers and School Leaders from across the region who will support the ERW leadership development programmes by training as mentors, coaches, briefers and assessors.

These opportunities provide effective professional development through training and also in supporting the development of colleagues, schools and the wider system.

Successful applicants will be given training for the respective roles and Supply costs will be covered by ERW for the number of days agreed for each role. (3-6 days 2017-18)


 Those wishing to be considered should submit and expression of interest outlining:

  1. The reasons why they wish to undertake the role and their experience.
  2. A written endorsement from the Head Teacher or the Chair of Governors


Express of Interest should be returned to by 28 September 2017 


Level of experience

Briefer to Teaching Assistant training programmes

·         Teaching Assistant

·         HLTA

·         Teacher.

·         School Leader

HLTA Assessor

·         Experienced HLTA

·         Teacher.

·         School Leader

NQT External Verifier (External Mentor)

·         NQT School Mentor

·         School Leader

Leadership Coach (NPQH & New Headteachers)

·         Experienced Headteacher

NPQH Assessment Panel Member

·         Experienced Headteacher

*Additional Details

 Leadership Development Opportunities. Additional Details.


Briefer to Teaching Assistant training programmes.

You will develop expertise within your specialist areas to.

·         deliver training programmes

·         support and coach learners

·         liaise with partners

·         evaluate the effectiveness of training and outcomes;

HLTA Assessor

·         HLTA Assessors have a critical role applying the HLTA Professional Standards to HLTA applications and the award of HLTA Status by Welsh Government.

·         Applicants must have thorough understanding of the Professional Standards for HLTA and experience of effective leadership and management of teaching assistants.


NQT External Verifier (External Mentor)

·         Quality assuring the induction arrangements in schools .

·         Supporting Induction Mentors.

·         Facilitate cluster network meetings for mentors on a half termly basis.

·         Provide additional mentoring support to the NQT as required within the cluster.

·         Monitor paper work produced by mentors and NQTS and make recommendations.

Leadership Coach (NPQH & New Headteachers)


Leadership Coach.

·         As Leadership Coach you will;

o   Provide high quality support throughout the NPQH process to candidates.

o   Support the candidate in identifying evidence of their leadership practice that meets the Leadership Standards;

o   Support the candidate in preparing for the assessment centre; and their Leadership Interviews.

o   Attend initial training.

NPQH Assessment Panel Member


Assessment Panel Member.

·         As an Assessment Panel Member you will;

o   Have a clear understanding of the Leadership Standards and how these are demonstrated in practice.

o   Display sound judgement, being able to identify key issues accurately and give appropriate and meaningful feedback.

o   Have excellent communication, team-working and relationship management skills, negotiating with confidence, tact and diplomacy.