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Professional Learning Equity and Well-being

Autumn Term 2020

Professional Learning: Equity and Well-being



Supporting schools to tackle the barriers faced by eFSM learners / Challenging Education                                                                                    

Improving the attainment of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged learners is at the heart of our regional strategy and to enable delivery of this objective we are working with Challenging Education to develop a range of professional learning opportunities across the next academic year.


Back to school – relationships as the key to emotional wellbeing / Professor Robin Banerjee

Professor Banerjee will present on the research and evidence based insights into the fundamental importance of positive relationships in the context of learning environments. He will set this within the context of the return to school post Covid19 lockdown and draw upon some initial observations shared by practitioners from primary, secondary and specialist settings.


Supporting Adopted Learners   /     Adoption UK Cymru                                                            

This training course has been developed to provide school leaders and support staff with an opportunity to learn more about adopted learners, the reasons behind adoption and how early trauma can impact on brain development and readiness to settle and learn in the classroom.



Well-being Matters to raise the spirit of the school / Gwylan UK  

Simon Johns will present on the research and evidence-based insights into the importance of positive psychology in the context of promoting both personal and social awareness throughout the school day. He will introduce the wellbeing matters training videos which capture different perspectives on wellbeing across the nation.






Professional Learning Programme for Designated LAC   & Vulnerable Learner Leads   / Helen Worrall                                                           This is a programme of four separate training opportunities, designed to give schools leads a strong theoretical and operational understanding of the role and the support frameworks that can be used to support children who are looked after and vulnerable learners within schools. Each session is a standalone training session but each one will build knowledge and compliment the previous session.


You can access all the information about the Equity and Well-being professional learning opportunities here