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Personalised Assessments 20-21 – Education Wales

Personalised Assessments 20-21 – Education Wales


Using Personalised Assessments in the Autumn Term 

·       We know that learners have been out of the classroom for a prolonged period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the assessments may be a useful tool to assist teachers in understanding learners’ skills and to help them plan.  

·       Assessments for Procedural Numeracy and Reading (Welsh and English) are now available for schools to use.

·       The assessments are designed to be used flexibly to support learning. The learning guidance for schools for this autumn term notes that schools can use these assessments at a time that they consider appropriate, to support the progress of individual learners and to help identify next steps:

·       Headteachers will need to log in to the site and accept the data sharing agreement before their staff can schedule assessments and access reports on their learners.

·       Headteachers are advised to ensure that their school’s MIS is up to date and that the School Data Provisioning Service (used by Hwb) is run at least three times per week, so that the data is accurate when staff schedule assessments and run reports.

·       It will be statutory for the personalised assessments in Numeracy (Procedural) and Reading to be taken once during the 2020/21 academic year. The assessments can be taken up to twice per academic year, allowing teachers the opportunity to assess their learners’ development.

·       Schools are advised to allow learners to try the familiarisation assessments in advance, to enable them to view the question types and become familiar with navigating the assessments.

·       For Numeracy (Procedural), the feedback on skills and age-standardised scores and progress reports are available after each assessment is taken.

·       For Reading, feedback on skills is available after each assessment. Age-standardised scores and progress reports will be available at the end of the school year, after all learners have taken the assessments at least once.

·       Trials for Numeracy (Reasoning) will start this term. Reasoning assessments will not be statutory until next school year.

·        The personalised assessments administration handbook for 2020/21 is available here:

·       Training resources, including pre-recorded webinars are available on the assessment website.

·        The assessment helpdesk is available to answer your queries on 029 2026 5099 or