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On the Money? Targeted funding to improve educational outcomes

In March 2018 ERW presented to the Welsh Assembly’s Children, Young People and Education Committee as part of its inquiry into Targeted funding to improve educational outcomes, the impact of the Welsh Government's Pupil Development Grant (PDG) and its role in closing the attainment gap for pupils on Free School Meals.

The Committee concluded that, whilst they support the Welsh Government’s use of PDG   it is clear that there is more work required in order to ensure that every school is using the money effectively.

The Committee made 31 recommendations, the majority of which focus on maximising the impact of the investment in the PDG and include:

  • Emphasis that the PDG should be used to support all eligible learners, including those who are more able and talented.
  • All schools should be encouraged to take full account of the available evidence and expertise on what constitutes effective use of the PDG, whilst also enabling school leaders to take appropriate decisions for their own pupils.
  • Increased promotion and support so that effective systems and processes can be made available to all schools for tracking pupils’ progress.
  • Greater emphasis on the use of PDG to improve eFSM pupils’ attendance.
  • Strategic Advisors for the PDG in each consortia be proactive and, where necessary challenge use of PDG, in order to ensure maximum impact and value for money.

For more information contact Dylan Williams, ERW’s Leader of Learning for Pupil Development Grant.

The full report can be found through