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Creative Leadership Programme

Please note that this opportunity is open to schools who have not been a Lead Creative School, a Pioneer School or an Innovation School.



Opportunity to join the Creative Leadership Programme – (fully funded)

  • a partnership between the National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales and the Arts Council of Wales

We are delighted to be able to launch an exciting opportunity created for senior leaders, delivered by the Lead Creative Schools Scheme at the Arts Council of Wales in partnership with the National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales.

The Arts Council of Wales have secured funding which enables us to identify 12 senior leaders from across Wales with the aim of supporting you to understand the role of creativity in the context of Curriculum for Wales; and help you to encourage innovation within your own setting by raising practitioner confidence to take risks and develop resilience.

The Creative Leadership Programme draws on our experience of facilitating professional learning in the Lead Creative Schools Scheme and our wider understanding and knowledge, of how school leaders can encourage innovation in their setting.

Our model is based on evidence around effective professional learning and current guidance by Welsh Government. Our provision subscribes to the four-element design model of collaboration, reflective practice, use of data and research evidence and coaching and mentoring.

The key themes of experiential learning, enrichment and creative skills development, as articulated in the new Curriculum for Wales are also central to our work which is increasingly being recognised as a key factor in helping to prepare schools for the advent of the new curriculum.

The process will begin with a two-day facilitated experience by the Arts Council of Wales. This will be an experiential and intensive learning opportunity with an emphasis on reflective practice.  Participants will be challenged to reflect honestly about their professional practice and contexts and identify the barriers that may impede their capacity to become creative leaders.  

Following the two-day course, each senior leader will embark on a 12-week development programme and will be matched with a Creative Agent who will act as a mentor or critical friend. The programme will use an enquiry-based approach to develop participants creativity, help them to initiate change within their setting as well as the following:

  • Introduce participants to creative learning pedagogies and help them to build the confidence to disseminate the key principles to their staff.
  • Develop an understanding of the central role of collaboration and co-construction in creative learning approaches.
  • Promote an understanding of learning climates which encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Share examples of creative learning projects from the Lead Creative Schools Scheme and their impacts on teachers and pupils, as well as whole-school change.
  • Encourage professional learning and teacher agency through experiential approaches, dialogue and reflective practice.
  • Raise awareness of democratic spaces where all voices are considered important.
  • Demonstrate how creative learning complements the new curriculum, the national approach to professional learning and schools as learning organisations model.

It is important to stress that this provision will be a bespoke offer, although a toolbox of ideas and approaches will be given, as the process develops it will up to the participant to explore and trial new ways of working. They will be encouraged to contact colleagues who have developed creative practices and leadership styles, research creative pedagogies and use this to inform their work.

At the end of the process, senior leaders will be required to complete an evaluation which demonstrates the impact of the enquiry and begin to plan their next cycle.

This is an exciting opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation of the impact of creative pedagogies and assist participants to create a climate for innovation and professional learning.

If you would like to be considered as a participant in the Creative Leadership Programme, please use the headings given in the attached template.

All expressions of interest should be submitted by 13 March and should be sent to or

Should your expression of interest be successful, the two-day facilitated experience will take place at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 25 & 26 March 2020. All travel and accommodation costs will be covered. In addition, you will also be required to attend a networking meeting on 3 June and a sharing event on 9 July at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Supply cover costs will be provided for all dates.  

The Providers

This professional learning opportunity will be delivered by members of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme at the Arts Council of Wales. The Lead Creative Schools Scheme aims to promote new ways of working in schools, learning through the arts to provide opportunities to develop an innovative and bespoke programme of learning designed to transform the quality of teaching and learning. The scheme uses well-developed teaching and learning techniques that are specifically designed to be practical and relevant to schools and their real-life curriculum demands. These techniques are informed by extensive research from around the world into what makes a high-performing school. There are currently over 630 schools across Wales that have engaged with or benefitted from our work.

Find the Expression of Interest document here