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  • It is statutory since September 2015 for a headteacher to ensure that the school becomes a member of a moderation cluster group that meets at least once in every school year during either the spring or summer terms. The main duties of the cluster group is to moderate a pupil’s school work at the end of key stage 2 and key stage 3. This is still a statutory order.
  • The ERW standardisation and moderation calendar has been set for 2017-2018. The main aim is to ensure consistency across the region. The LA Assessment Leads have agreed to offer a moderation window from March 19th until May 18th, 2018 in order to give clusters the choice to hold the cluster moderation day before the Easter holidays or to arrange a day for the summer term, 2018.
  • The cluster moderation site on HWB is still active for 2017-2018. This is not a statutory order. The aim is to offer a platform to facilitate the statutory process across ERW. Cluster of schools can agree to keep examples of oracy, reading and other visual evidence on a laptop of a tablet as long as the location of the files is well communicated with the moderators.
  • Nearly all clusters use the pupil learner profiles on HWB to highlight the levels and to write a short paragraph (no more than 200 words) justifying the best fit level. This ensures that the cluster feedback on the next steps for the pupil is recorded effectively and available instantly to the relevant school. It is the responsibility of the headteacher to ensure that the school responds to these recommendations.
  • Pupil learner profile sheets for the revised outcomes in the foundation phase are on HWB. Please remember to assess against these revised outcomes in 2018
  • ERW will continue to fund three assessment leaders for each cluster – one for the foundation phase, one for key stage 2 and one for key stage 3. Each leader of assessment will receive a funding of £540 to co-ordinate the arrangements for the cluster moderation event in 2018.
  • Collating the evidence for moderation should not be an additional workload for teachers. It has been well communicated to all schools since 2015 that the learner profiles are simply the pupil’s current books / digital files.
  • It is the responsibility of the headteacher to ensure arrangements for the annual cluster moderation in the core subjects. The education improvement grant can be used to release teachers to attend the cluster moderation meeting as it is a statutory order at the end of key stage 2 and key stage 3.