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Leader of Support School

The ERW Leadership Menu of Support has evolved this year in line with the principles of the self-improving school system.

The menu drives and supports collaboration and partnership between schools across the region in order to respond to local needs and variations. The strategy is a flexible and responsive approach to support school development following Core Support Visit 1 where required.

As a region, we already have 27 ‘Lead Support Schools’ who are available to collaborate on the ‘Menu of Support’. We need to further build this capacity and we are inviting more schools to put themselves forward and apply to be an ERW Lead Support School.

These schools will need to have a proven record of strong leadership and self-improvement and be able to demonstrate a capacity for effective partnership working.

Following successful selection, these schools will receive training (probably week beginning January 15th) before being commissioned as ERW ‘Lead Support schools’. These schools will be linked up with schools requiring support in line with the needs of the school for a set period of time (expected to be in the range of 3-10 days). Support will be brokered by Challenge Advisers through the ERW Central Team.

ERW Lead Support Schools will receive capacity building funding to support the school in engaging in school to school collaboration in line with agreed success criteria that will be monitored and evaluated by the Challenge Adviser. The degree to which a school is engaged in collaboration will be variable and be determined by the identified needs of schools needing support arising from Core Support Visit 1.

Please read the ‘Expression of Interest’ document and if you are interested in becoming an ERW Leader of Support School then please complete the attached expression of interest and return to by Friday, January 12th.

Please use the same email address if you have any queries.