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Is there a new literacy and numeracy framework in Curriculum for Wales? Will schools be expected to track the skills to show coverage?

The literacy and numeracy framework has been refined with the skills now aligned to the progression steps in the Curriculum for Wales guidance. The content has been updated to ensure consistency of approach. Developing the five proficiencies, for example, is now in the numeracy framework and translanguaging is in the literacy framework. 

The frameworks are no longer statutory and neither do they constitute a tracking system but they may be a useful reference for schools in supporting progression. 

Literacy and numeracy are now mandatory cross-curricular skills together with digital competence.   These three mandatory cross-curricular skills must be embedded and developed across all areas of learning and experience, to enable learners to access the whole curriculum and to use them in the future

The Curriculum for Wales guidance outlines that :

“Learners must be given opportunities across the curriculum to:

  • develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills
  • be able to use numbers and solve problems in real-life situations
  • be confident users of a range of technologies to help them function and communicate effectively and make sense of the world. “
  • Curriculum for Wales


Literacy, numeracy and digital competence skills are essential in enabling learners to realise the four purposes and are therefore the responsibility of all practitioners across all Areas.

The updated frameworks can be accessed using this link:


The frameworks are also in an interactive format and can be accessed using this link:


The Routes for Learning Material which describe the early precursor skills in the literacy and numeracy frameworks and are in the process of being refined and will be published in Spring 2021.