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ERW teachers visit Attachment Aware Schools in Stoke on Trent

A group of six head and senior teachers representing Rhydygors SEB School, Carmarthen; Cadle Primary, Swansea; Knighton CIW Primary Powy; Cradoc Primary, Powys; and, Ysgol Henry Richard, Ceredigion visited Stoke-on-Trent to see several Attachment Aware Schools. The visit was co-ordinated by Sara Walters, LAC/PDG Training Co-ordinator with the aim of seeing how schools can embed attachment and trauma informed awareness and the principles of Emotion Coaching into every day practice.

The team visited four schools in total, Portland SEMH School, Oakhill Primary, Sutherland Primary and The Meadows Primary Academy. Each of these schools have placed their ethos around the importance of relationships and understanding that learning can only happen when everyone feels safe and secure. The team also had the opportunity to meet with Dr Anne-Marie McBlain, Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist for Looked After Children for Stoke Virtual School. Anne-Marie emphasised the importance of strong support for the adults involved with vulnerable children, both teaching staff, and parents.

Everyone who attended left feeling very inspired and with some clear ideas about how to move attachment awareness into attachment and trauma informed strategy. One teacher commented: 'I honestly think this was one of the most inspiring things I have been involved in over the last decade', while another said: 'I have taken so much away from today - it has reinforced my vision for (my) school and energised me further into driving change forward'.

The team will now collate the information they have gathered and develop a programme to disseminate this good practice to schools across the region. It is planned that a collaborative way of working with Stoke will develop. If you would like to be involved please contact Sara Walters.