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ERW Curriculum Team

This week, the Minister for Education announced the publication ‘Curriculum for Wales: The journey to 2022’.

This sets out shared expectations of what curriculum realisation means for practitioners and schools from 2022. It aims to help schools to prepare for designing and implementing their curriculum. 

Journey to Curriculum for Wales ERW:

During the spring and autumn term our leadership engagement events provided you with the key messages and information needed to begin the journey outlined in the first terms of development. If you missed these events there is further support available directly from the ERW curriculum team or through or Journey to Curriculum for Wales ERW website:

Recent school support:

We’ve enjoyed working with a number of schools this term so far and thought it would be useful to share some of the aspects of curriculum development they’ve asked for.

  • Working with a network of primary schools across Pembrokeshire, we are supporting the process of curriculum design in Science and Technology using ERW Academy. The programme provides the schools with a sequence of support, highlighting the requirements of Curriculum for Wales at each stage of development and utilises authentic contexts for learning to develop learner progression. The schools taking part will share their experiences to support other schools in their clusters alongside the ERW curriculum team.
  • We have been working with Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr and its feeder primary schools in Swansea since a successful INSET day in February. Four whole school workshops enabled leaders and practitioners to consider and develop their approach to vision, collaboration, pedagogy and assessment. We are now planning, with the cluster, virtual training sessions taking place over the coming weeks, looking at the concept of cynefin and the story of Wales across the curriculum and how this translates to each school and their learners. In addition ERW curriculum leads will facilitate sessions on the areas of learning and experience, examining what’s new, the scope of each unique Area and developing an undertanding of how each AoLE will enable learners to progress towards the four purposes.
  • At Ysgol Maesydderwen in Powys, we have begun the journey of whole school professional learning through the Learning for Excellence (LfE) programme. To date we have looked at the science of learning, discussed ‘what is pedagogy?’ and attempted to co-construct a perfect teaching and learning model (impossible!). Our next session will see us working on the teaching and learning paradigm, Dysgu Da, and looking at ways to deliver this model in our learning and teaching whilst exploring new ways to create Dysgu Da for our learners.
  • We are preparing programmes to deliver primary and secondary NQT training in DCF, literacy and numeracy over the next few months. This training will be a blend of online facilitated learning, playlist resources and access to the ERW ANG/NQT network. To confirm your place, please access the Eventbrite page via Dolen: look forward to seeing you there.  

Question of the week:

‘Where can I find case studies from lead schools across Wales to help with curriculum development?’

There is a growing number of case studies, mainly in the form of easily accessible playlists on Hwb. You can find these via the following links:

National professional enquiry project: Assessment and progression

Sharing our experiences: Blended learning–-case-studies