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ERW Curriculum Team 28/01/2021

ERW Curriculum Team

Designing the School Curriculum – Professional Learning Opportunity
In line with the implementation remit on creating time and space for school and setting leaders to think about Curriculum for Wales and to collaborate with others in sharing ideas, Glasgow University's Honorary Research Fellow, George McBride is leading a webinar workshop for ERW schools and settings this term. The focus is curriculum design and progression. George has included a one-hour webinar and a further one-hour workshop, which supports leaders to consider where they are in their understanding of building progression into their vision for CfW. There are a further 3 take-away workshops for them to use in their schools or clusters. This is an exciting opportunity for leaders to work with an expert in this field, who continues to work closely with the assessment advisory group.
Question of the week: Can empathy be taught?
Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. 
The emotional and mental wellbeing of children and young people was already a cause for concern before the pandemic. The inclusion of an area of Learning and experience dedicated to Health and Well Being in Curriculum for Wales reflects this…
Recent school support
NQT Literacy Training has begun for this term and places a focus of developing Curriculum for Wales  (CfW) through poetry using the Curriculum on a page model…
Training with SLT has taken place within schools in the Pentrehafod cluster in Swansea…
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