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ERW Curriculum Team 18/11/2020

The Dysgu awyr agored / Outdoor Learning Google site provides research on the different elements of outdoor learning and how these may be developed in school in order to support all learners develop the characteristics of the four purposes of Curriculum for Wales.

The site is designed to support PL in schools and settings, with links to further research and resources and could also be part of a blended PL approach to developing outdoor learning with bespoke sessions supported by the ERW Curriculum Team.

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Recent school support:

A number of schools within the region are focussing on outdoor learning as part of their National Professional Enquiry Project (NPEP) this academic year. Enquiry questions have been submitted during the autumn term and the schools are now planning alongside HEI partners, LA colleagues and ERW staff on how to develop their research. Enquiry questions range from using outdoor learning pedagogies to develop numeracy skills to how outdoor learning benefits the health and wellbeing of learners. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of these enquiry projects in the spring term.


Question of the week:

How can I start outdoor learning when I don’t have the grounds?

Any outdoor space can be used. The school doesn’t need access to a woodland or a field. Outdoor learning experiences can be just as beneficial in the school yard. Make links with the local community council to see what other spaces may be available within the community. The local community may have businesses that can support any plans you have for creating learning spaces within your grounds.

Five easy ways urban schools can experiment with outdoor learning

  • Consider the types of activities that you can offer in the school grounds, from team building games to developing numeracy skills. Outdoor learning opportunities do not necessarily need green spaces.
  • If you want to encourage nature based learning think about simple ways to encourage more nature into the school grounds such as bird feeders and bug hotels.
  • Get your learners involved in the planning. How would they like to use the school grounds?
  • Reassure all staff that the time spent outside will benefit all learners’ health and wellbeing and that outdoor learning does not have to be nature based.

If you have something to share on how you have developed learning in the outdoors we'd love to hear from you.

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Professional learning

Biophilia - The science of nature and animals.

Dr Coral Harper

2 x 90 minute sessions via Zoom

11th and 25th January 2021 – 13.30 to 15.00

22nd March and 26th April 2021 – 13.30 to 15.00

This training will support practitioners to understand the science and benefits of playing and learning in a natural environment and connection with animals and living species.

The sessions are aimed at all school and community organisation staff and will offer both underpinning theory and practical application to enable staff to understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of the benefits of the outdoors and animals. The scientific justification for those who know it works and an understanding of how nature will help us maintain good mental health under Covid-19 restrictive environments.

Please register for this event at: