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ERW Curriculum Team - 03/12/2020

Professional learning

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) in Wales

In Wales, RSE will be a statutory part of the new curriculum from Sept 2022.

The WG Curriculum Guidance for Wales (2020) contains an overview of the mandatory element of RSE (on page 38-40). as it currently stands.

The guidance highlights the principles for embedding RSE in the curriculum outlining learning as being:

  • rights and gender-equity based
  • empowering
  • relevant and developmentally appropriate
  • co-produced
  • creative
  • holistic
  • inclusive
  • protective and preventative

In spring 2021 (see dates below), ERW will host a five day professional learning opportunity to support schools in developing their approaches to designing and embedding the new RSE statutory framework.

A fully funded two-day professional learning workshop with an additional two fully funded preparation days for teachers in primary, secondary and special schools will be suitable for leaders and teachers with a responsibility for developing Wales’ forthcoming statutory Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) in their school or setting. The workshops are research driven, creative and participatory, and model effective ways for developing high quality RSE.


Delivered by Professor EJ Renold and Dr Ester McGeeney, the workshops will give participants the opportunity to: 

  • Use research case studies to critically engage with children and young people’s own experiences on core RSE issues, such as relationships with others, faith, gender and identity, digital relationships and play, sex and consent, social exclusion and inequality. 
  • Learn about what counts as ‘high quality RSE’, and become familiar with the six evidence based key principles for high quality RSE, as outlined in the new Welsh Government statutory framework. 
  • Learn about the notion of a ‘living curriculum’, and how to make this central to RSE provision 
  • Learn effective pedagogies for high quality, transformative RSE and try out a range of creative and participatory activities that you can recreate in your setting to engage with children, young people, staff, parents and governors. 
  • Plan ways to creatively audit RSE provision in your educational setting in ways that map and listen to the views and needs of children, young people to ensure an inclusive, relevant and engaging curriculum.

Places are limited so please confirm your interest to by Friday 11th December, 2020, including the name and contact details of the person who will lead the work in your school. When your place is secure, you will receive your supply-cover funding form. At present, it is envisaged that the workshops will be virtual. If you would like any further information please contact Anna Bolt at the email address above.

Dates for your diary:

  • Teacher / practitioner workshop days: Thursday 4th and Friday 5th March
  • Teacher / practitioner preparation days (2): to be claimed by 31st March
  • Teacher / practitioner sharing half day: 29th April morning session to be claimed by 31st March
  • Challenge advisor workshop (2 per LA) provisional date: Friday 14th May
  • Teacher / practitioner half-day webinar: 10th June to be claimed by 31st March


Recent school support:

Members of the curriculum team worked with the Science and Technology leads of the Penyrheol cluster in Swansea recently. The half-day INSET focussed on engaging with the key messages and principles of Curriculum for Wales, considering the four purposes as a starting point when developing a vision for Science and Technology and finally identifying the essential learning for the AoLE. Each session contained a facilitated workshop where schools across the cluster had the opportunity to collaborate and develop strategies to help develop a cohesive approach to Curriculum for Wales in Science and Technology.


Question of the week: Where do I start?

Whether you are right at the beginning of your journey, or whether you are picking up development after all the on-going disruption, there are resources available to support you with deciding on your next steps:

‘Curriculum for Wales journey to 2022’ sets out the phases for development and gives guidance on what schools activity could look like at each phase.

‘Transforming your Curriculum’ is a bite size overview of the aspects to be considered when preparing for implementation. It is available as an interactive PDF and a website and also contains an evaluation to tool to support your whole-school understanding.

‘Journey to Curriculum for Wales ERW’ contains videos to help support schools and settings with their understanding of the model of Curriculum for Wales. You will also find five whole school workshops which lead you through the principles for design, and six AoLE workshops to guide you through initial engagement with the vision for your curriculum.

Ask us. If you would like us to help you gain some clarity on where you are and where best to go next just contact us here at ERW. We can help you identify your professional learning needs and plan for future development.