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Empathy has come into sharp focus recently. Not only because of the effects of the pandemic, but also because of an increasing recognition, mirrored through the new Curriculum for Wales 2022, of its central place in the bank of social and emotional skills young people need. Without strong empathy skills, our young people will struggle to form the strong relationships they will need to learn and thrive.

ERW is partnering with EmpathyLab to offer first-step training sessions in how to build young people’s empathy, literacy and social activism through a more systematic use of high-quality literature. Utilising EmpathyLab’s tried and tested approach of teaching empathy as a learnable skill, and supporting reading to build real-life empathy skills we are offering up to 100 schools the opportunity to be part of this exciting project between February and June 2021.

The programme will build staff understanding of how empathy-focused education develops the feeling of safety that vulnerable children need in order to learn, and explore texts with themes such as refugees and food poverty. The training lays the foundations for schools’ empathy education strategies, developing understanding and practical actions plans.

Schools taking part in the project will need to attend the two x two hour training sessions scheduled for February 5th and March 5th 2021 and be in a position to develop and integrate empathy as part of their ongoing school development journey.

For more information and to register your school as part of this project please complete this form -