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Cross-Regional Working


Wales’ 4 regional consortia (CSC, EAS, ERW and GwE) have come together to manage 9 cross-regional projects to improve the outcomes for all learners in Wales.

Cross Regional Projects diagram

The 9 projects are:

  • Improving Feedback and Reducing Workload: Developing and delivering an ongoing programme to improve feedback to learners and reduce teacher workload
  • Leadership Development: Developing uniform cross-regional high quality leadership development programmes
  • Discover Teaching: Raising the profile of Wales as a premier location to live, train and work in Education
  • Improving Standards: Sharing and implementing school improvement best practice
  • Communications: Creating a cross regional network for effective and consistent communications
  • Post-16 Learning: Implementing recommendations from the Welsh Government
    Post-16 Review
  • Curriculum for Wales: Supporting the development and realisation of the new curriculum
  • Welsh Think Tank: Ensuring value for money by eliminating research duplication and ensuring research meets current and future needs
  • Professional Learning: Providing high quality professional learning opportunities in pedagogy and practice across the teaching and learning workforce

For more information please contact:

Helen Richards (Project Manager for Cross-Regional Working)
07903 546 129