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Creative Learning Day for Humanities Teachers

This is your opportunity to get creative and develop skills and confidence in a creative setting. Ami Marsden, an artist and sculptor who has worked with the Arts Council on projects such as the Lead Creative Schools Scheme will lead colleagues through the creative process and offer guidance on pupil engagement through creative learning methods.

This workshop will allow you to explore the diverse expressive approaches of cardboard in all its forms. Whether it’s recycled packaging or boxes collected from shops, this material has a hidden beauty in its layers which can be used to great effect.

Ripping, tearing or cutting card gives different effects which can then be attached using slots and tabs or using masking tape or a glue gun. It is very effective in both small scale artworks all the way through to architectural installations and is used by many renowned artists, in Wales, Europe and across the world.

In the morning session we will be creating individual artworks which will come together to make one exciting large scale collective sculpture. The aim of this session is to familiarise yourself with the materials and experiment with different approaches. Fuelled with inspiration for your own specialist area, the afternoon session will see some independent work where you can design and create a larger scale piece to take back to the classroom.

In a classroom environment, this material offers scope for a wide range of approaches to projects such as:

  • Working as individuals or groups to create a larger artwork

  • Free standing, wall mounted or suspended work
  • Celebrating the simple colour of the card or painting it vibrant colours
  • Designing and making prototypes before creating a large-scale piece