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Challenge Advisor: 3-Day Training

Developing Effective Relationships to Support High Performance in Schools

This optional training for Challenge Advisers will focus on:


  • Understanding and managing tonality in creating highly motivated leadership conversations
  • Setting effective value driven goals both personally and professionally
  • Understanding what creates peoples behaviours and trigger points
  • How to create positive change in yourself and others
  • Accountability and personal responsibility – how to develop this within establishments
  • Being able to transfer the importance of personal responsibility within the workplace whilst still maintaining rapport
  • The conscious use of language and the impact it has
  • Deeper use of Listening skills
  • Adapt to different thinking and learning styles, and experience different perspectives.
  • Learn how to use presuppositions through language to impact appropriately on someone’s experience
  • Learn how to listen to everyday language to see how others limit themselves.
  • Learn how to ask the questions that can lessen or even solve problems.
  • Challenge peoples’ objections gracefully.
  • How to help others set and achieve goals that supports identifying gaps in current performance and provide support to address these in a timely manner
  • Create and manage your own emotional states to gain high performance that supports leaders to take tough decisions
  • Learn how to manage stress, sustain high performance states and a greater sense of wellbeing
  • Perceptual positions - Learn how to resolve inter-personal and inter-group conflict.
  • Discover how to gain invaluable insights about other points of view, to aid decision making and leadership.
  • Learn how to be your own best adviser to set personal high expectations
  • How do we move people from being stuck to being resourceful
  • How to improve the quality of teaching through a coaching context
  • Strategies on providing swift and effective interventions with schools causing concerns
  • Supporting improvement in the quality of teaching and learning through effective coaching and mentoring techniques


Day 1: 9 November 2017

Day 2: 11 January 2018

Day 3: 1 March 2018 

Challenge Advisers will be expected to attend all 3 days of this training.

Halliwell, Carmarthen, 10.00-3.30