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Autumn 2018 Conference

When Welsh Government published Education in Wales: Our National Mission, we made a commitment to the delivery of a national approach to Professional Learning for all practitioners in schools in Wales in autumn 2018.  Since then we have worked with colleagues and partners across Government, the middle tier and in schools to develop the model, and to ensure it is based in the soundest evidence available for how Professional Learning works in schools.  The model will underpin our policies and allocation of resources to Professional Learning, it will provide guidance on design and delivery of Professional Learning, and it will state the entitlement to Professional Learning for practitioners and leaders in schools.  The model will be formally launched in four regional events in autumn 2018.

We would like to invite you to attend the Autumn Conference that is taking place on 22 November - Parc Y Scarlets, Llanelli (ERW).

The conference will focus on the new National Professional Learning Model, and what it means for head teachers and teachers across Wales. It will include contributions from key strategic thinkers across Wales who have supported the curriculum and wider reform process, including Professor Graham Donaldson, Professor Mick Waters, and Philippa Cordingley.

To attend please register at the attached link: