ERW's aims...

  1. Improve the quality of leadership and its impact on outcomes. 

  2. Improve the quality of teaching and learning experiencesand its impact on outcomes. 

  3. Reduce the impact of poverty on attainment, support vulnerable learners and ensure all learners reach their potential 

  4. Deliver high quality and bespoke support, challenge and intervention to schools

  5. Communicate effectively with all stakeholders

The Values of ERW

  • Effectiveness

    • We lead by example and inspire confidence in others

    • We promote and drive continuous improvement by asking how we could do this better

    • We focus on longer term outcomes rather than short term goals

    • Barriers and challenges are resolved promptly and success is celebrated

  • Commitment

    • We take pride in the job that we do and we are ambitious for all our schools and their pupils

    • We are passionate about learning and ensuring that pupils reach their potential

    • We make a difference for thousands of pupils every year

  • Integrity

    • We are trustworthy and reliable

    • We are able to adapt to changing priorities and seek to create a positive and healthy working environment

    • We stand by difficult decisions and openly acknowledge errors

    • We challenge and control poor performance 

  • Innovation

    • We inspire others and continuously seek innovative solutions

    • We inspire others and continuously seek innovative solutions

    • We act on opportunities 

    • We recognise problems and implement solutions

  • Collaboration

    • We engage and support each other by working together and developing a shared focus 

    • We build effective relationships with all stakeholders and partners

    • We recognise people's contributions and achievements

    • We talk about 'we' and not 'I'