Welsh Bac


The Welsh Baccalaureate in ERW is supported with 6 Leads from each of the Local Authorities. They meet at least once a term to organise a support and training package that suits the needs of the coordinators in their L.A. The WJEC attend these meetings to ensure that the training packages in place are relevant to the changes in the qualification. The Leads act as the liaison between their schools and the WJEC in understanding the developments and changes that may be made to the Skills Challenge Certificate qualification.


Each of the Leads is also responsible for the coordination of the Baccalaureate Network meetings for their area. At these meetings all schools have the opportunity to discuss the challenges of the new qualification and to identify the support and guidance that needs to be put in place.


Each Lead will guide schools through an annual development plan. This plan is an important element of the Skills Challenge Evidence File that is audited by the WJEC. It is crucial in identifying the needs of the individual schools in planning a training programme for the following year. The Leads have already provided training on the new e-portfolio introduced by the WJEC.


The Leads have taken responsibility for the monitoring of resources to ensure they are fit for purpose with the changes to specification made by the WJEC. They have also identified the need for documentation to support the target setting and tracking required from the qualification. These documents have now been made available for all schools.