Support for schools

In ‘Improving Learning Together’, ERW is committed to harnessing the power of school to school working to ensure sustained improvement across the region. ERW collaborates with schools in ensuring that there is an open and honest approach to reflection and evaluation firmly founded on  effective dialogue and trust. We work with all schools to strengthen their resilience and increase their capacity for development in order to ensure an effective and efficient infra-structure that drives a self-improving school system.

The ERW school to school support framework engages schools in working together through a number of inter-related strategies. This ranges from informal, direct collaboration made possible through ERW’s directory of practice worthy of sharing called DOLEN through to formal school partnerships for schools with significant improvement requirements. A variety of practitioner and school networks, of differing levels of formality, exist to support improvement across the range of needs.

ERW engages with all schools in a reflective categorisation process that highlights strengths and identifies areas for further improvement. A comprehensive menu of support firmly under-pinned by the principles of school to school working engages schools in an improvement journey that is brokered through the Challenge Adviser.