Key Messages Schools


  • One of the recommendations from OECD’s report last year was that Welsh Government should consider making school self-evaluations more prominent in the School Categorisation System. We have accepted that recommendation.


  • For this year, Welsh Government will not undertake the calculation that places schools into a standards group as part of Step 1. A standards group is the number (1 - 4) assigned to each school as a result of analysing their data, with 1 being the highest group (best performing) and 4 the lowest. No standards group will be published for 2017/18. School data will, however, continue to be shared with regional consortia and used to inform discussions as part of Step 2 of the process. This is the self-evaluation of a school’s capacity to improve.


  •  Welsh Government have strengthened Step 2 of the process to ensure that it is applied fairly and consistently to all schools in Wales.


  • Step 3 will see schools given a colour coding for the level of support that they need and this will continue to be published on My Local School. The timelines and processes for the National Schools Categorisation System remain the same.


  • This is part of the transitional arrangements as Welsh Government move forward in their mission to reform accountability within the education system and ensure that schools, and ultimately learners, are given the right support at the right time to enable them to fully realise their potential.